Hello Music Loveers, Well another installment of the Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest has been put into the record books. I do believe we are on to some thing here folks. I mean how is it possible for it to keep getting better and better and better – beats me but it does. Feb 2013 fest performers Harmonious Wail, Stephane Wrembel, John Jorgenson, Alfonso Ponticelli, Opus 4 and Caravan all thank you, the music lovers, listeners and energy enthusers from the very bottom of our collective hearts.

With out amazing, intellegent and very hip people like you we the artists, we the MGSF, we the Wail and we the humans would be in a big mess. Please know that your love of music really is making a difference, in our lives and in the big ole world – so keep on keeping on and for god’s sake stay healthy. See you at a Wail show or in Sept at the Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest

Sims & Maggie & Jeffo – the Wail.