Hello Wail Peoples,

OK we are well into 2015 – we here in Wail World have adjusted our 2015 motto / slogan from “2015- the year of stuff that works” to “ 2015 – the year of fixing all the stuff that broke so it doesn’t break again” as in ….. Big Moe, Sims’ mando, Jeffo’s bass, Jeffo’s back. Jeffo’s car ….what else you got world? we gonna fix that too!.

The back is on the mend, the bass and the mando will come home in Feb. and Big Moe will be replaced with New Big Moe – either a diesel sprinter or a new Ford (thank you Ebay or Francois Ford in Belleville).


Once the instruments are back in hand(s) we will get back to work on the new recording.

Joscho Stephan and Daisy Castro will be featured on about half the tunes.


A couple-three of Django’s tunes
(J’attendrai, Duece Ambiance, plus JosefJosef) and a handful of Wail originals. We will keep you posted.

As for gigs, it’s going to be a busy spring. I am writing this en-route to Florida. A nice break from the snow and cold and some really cool and choice gigs.

Thursday Jan 29

it’s the Lakeside Music Room in Winter Haven.

We played this wonderful house concert series last year and had an absolute blast.


On Friday Jan 30

we play a Live in the Studio set at WMNF.
THE LIVE MUSIC SHOWCASE is a weekly, one-hour program where solo musicians, singer/songwriters, and groups perform live in the studios of community radio WMNF. The emphasis has been on acoustic music but we’ve hosted a number of electric bands, including Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Reggae.
Several thousand people are usually tuned in, on the air and online at our web site: wmnf.org. All shows are archived on the web site so people can listen anytime after the airdate. This is the 18th year the show has been running. There is some talk between selections, plugging appearances, new releases, anecdotes, etc, but mainly it’s a music show, so we try to keep the chat to no more than 2-3 min. between each song.
the Live Music Showcase will also be taped for TV! WMNF has collaborated with the Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network (TBAE) to produce their newest original television series, 88.5 WMNF Live Music Showcase featuring live performances. This program will be aired one week after your performance exclusively on the TBAE Channel on Bright House 614 & Verizon 32 and On Demand at TBAE.net

Evening Friday Jan 30

our buddies Josh Harty link and Jess Parvin are hosting a house concert – in Tampa

– contact sims or jess for info jessparvin@gmail.com

Sunday Feb 1

we are in Orlando for the way cool Timucua White House Concert series.

We have contacted the Seattle Seahawks and the NE Patriots organizations and they both not only endorse this event,

they strongly urge you to attend. They promise a very boring football game with almost no redeeming social value

and all agree that a Harmonious Wail concert at The White House would be a much better choice

– like good medicine, you will feel better!

Wailing south to Florida

Get all the details at the Wail calendar page.

We get back to snowy-cold-beautiful Wisconsin just in time to to work on the

Feb 13 & 14 Midwinter Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest. Held once again at The Brink Lounge

we have managed to get a hold of the fact that this event sells out and I will be sure to keep up

on just how many seats will be available day of show – if it doesn’t sell out in advance that is.

Featured artists are Don Stiernberg, Swing Chevron, Fumee Gypsy Jazz Project,

and MGSF vet Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan featuring Steve Gibons and Rami Gabriel

Here are some links for all the info;
First – tickets are on sale here:
(plus additional info);


and the official MGSF site;


Reserve/sponsor seats;
I am offering reserved seats – at the $100 sponsor level / 2 reserved seats

– of coarse if you can swing a higher level know that I/we will love you forever

and that you are helping secure the future of the MGSF and Harmonious Wail.

Plus we will name our next dog after you.


I can do paypal – my account is sims@wail.com

The week after the MGSF, HW is off to KC for the annual Folk Alliance conference.

Josh Harty along with Anna Volgelzang have spearheaded a very special showcase room – The Wisconsin Room.


If you would like to become part of the family and/or simply get more info

check out this kickstarter page and Josh will give the skoop.


The first week of March our guitar wiz pal Jason Miller – or Mason Jiller, take your pick – will join Sims and Maggie and Jeffo

RedHWtriohires (3)

for another Allied Concert tour – bringing big music to small towns.
This tour will include;
Underwood and Clear Lake IA, Hutchinson and Hibbing MN, Hazen and Williston ND and New Castle WY

Later in March gigs are
Mar 14 -Shorewood House Concert, Madison WI
Mar 20 – Studio Winery in Lake Geneva WI

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Sept. 11 & 12, 2015 Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest

back at the old same place – Art in the Barn 5927 Adams Rd just south of Madison WI

and the Feb 12, 2016 Midwinter Fest.

I am thinking about changing the name from Midwinter Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest to Wail Fest.

What do you think?

Joscho Stephan is already booked solid for Feb and I am working on another Wail favorite

for the other slot – not necessarily gypsy jazz (get it, why the name switch?)

I am thinking Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Jon Cowen, Madeline Perioux, …….…

any thoughts??


Madison area Wailers – registration deadline is Mar 10 for Maggie’s fabuloso vocal technique classes

– “if you can speak, you can sing”

Register now at





And finally a note about the inner workings and back room goings on in H Wail and MGSF worlds.

The music world is most definitely leading the way as far as tribe and/or team building.

You are all fer sure in the inner circle and are the first to receive our deep and sincere thanks.

The skinny here is that we could absolutely use your help and assistance. Other than practicing, rehearsing, writing,

traveling, recording and performing we spend a huge amount of time on the phone or inter web seeking

and contacting possible gigs, promoting booked gigs, sending CDs to radio stations and print

and doing all the social network stuff. Here is a list of ways and areas we might ask for your help;

volunteering at any of the MGSFests, helping in the pre-fest build up, helping with crowd sourcing

& fund raising – things like a specific tour support or help with the New Big Moe project, recording costs,

help with graphic design and ideas for posters or tee shirts, booking assistance and accounting assistance, social network help.

The push come to shove – we would most assuredly love and appreciate your financial and/or experiential assistance.

If sending a few bucks seems right for you my pay pal account is sims@wail.com

OR shoot me a note and I can send you

the H Wail street address or we can talk thru just how you might want to be involved.

Music really does make the world a better place and we can be a lot more efficient with your help

— and spend more time writing, recording and performing.

Please know that we are always looking for ways to help other artists and ways to bring true high integrity music

and art to music lovers every where – be it HW or our guests or the bands at any of the MGSFests.


Please know how much we all love you and are completely in your corner

– we would be but mere hobbyists if not for you. You guys rock.

Hope to see you or talk with you or email with you soon. Thank you!
The Wail — Sims and Maggie and Jeffo


and Isla too!