January 24 release of our new single – Move

Hey Wailers,

We hope your 2020 is going strong! Ours is off to a GREAT start as we gear up for the release of our newest single, “Move”!

We’re so excited about this song! It’s some of our best work yet and it’s really meant to inspire you to take ACTION in the new year.

It’s the perfect song for a swing around the dance floor at your favorite spot or even at the gym when you want to get that heart-rate up!

It comes out NEXT FRIDAY 1/24/20 and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

In this new world of streaming and downloading it would really help us out if you took 30 seconds to pre-save our song TODAY by CLICKING HERE so that on 1/24/20 it will be automatically added to your streaming library for you to enjoy!

Why does this help us?

Great question! Well the more pre-saves we have by next Friday, the larger the audience our song will reach when it comes out (thanks to algorithms and tech formulas that decide who sees what).

So by you CLICKING THIS LINK and choosing “PRE-SAVE” next to your streaming service of choice (or all of them if you’re so inclined!) you’re helping us reach a wider audience with our new music!

It’s so simple, right? Sometimes the smallest actions can create the BIGGEST waves and your support can help us create & spread a tidal wave of harmonious love and good times to all!

Thanks again for being on this ride with us, and we hope you love our new single as much as we do! We can’t wait to share it with you in just ONE WEEK!

Don’t forget, when you have 30 seconds to spare, click this link here and then click on “pre-save” next to at least one of the platforms listed.

We’ll let you know next week how much your time and action has helped!

Wish us luck and be sure to respond to this email and let us know which platform you pre-saved our song on so we can celebrate!

Harmoniously Yours,
Sims, Maggie, & Jeffo

All the very best from HW to all you beautiful music lovers!

Harmoniously, Maggie, Sims and Jeffo #thewail