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Announcing and Unveiling the all new Harmonious Wail commemorative Quarantini Concerts Under the Oak Tee Shirt — available for order  – click here

Thank You for  joining us tonight Under the Oak tonight…

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Send your date when you think we will be driven  indoors — into / onto the back porch

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Tonight is Oct 30, 2020 – the 29th Quarantini Concert Under the Oak.

10/30/20- this has never happened before nor will it ever happen again.
So what the hell, let’s celebrate!

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October 2020 is winding down and we will miss her.

There has never been an October like the 2020 October and now she is an October for the history books.

Harmonious Wail CDs and teeshirt special sale price will be extended for all of 2020
Harmonious Wail CD and tee shirt page

If you are interested in hosting a teeny afternoon Quarantini Concert in your back yard click here.

Thank You!

Sims, Maggie, Jeffo –> the Wail

We here in Wail World hope you can feel our sincere, and heartfelt gratitude for helping us keep the music alive. 


We will never charge a cover charge – tis more of a pay what you feel is generous but please do enjoy the music and hopefully a wee lift…..

Your generous support allows us to continue –
Thank You

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