Don Stiernberg Trio with Harmonious Wail

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to quote  Howard Reich  of the Chicago Tribune

“It isn’t easy being a jazz mandolinist.

For starters, the soft-spoken instrument doesn’t stand much of a chance being heard alongside, say, a saxophone or a trumpet.

And then there’s the problem of how listeners regard you.

“People don’t expect to hear jazz coming out of that instrument,” says Chicagoan Don Stiernberg, one of the world’s leading jazz mandolin virtuosos.

“You have everything from people saying, ‘That’s not a mandolin’ to ‘You can’t play jazz on a mandolin,’ ” adds Stiernberg, still confounded by the opposition. “A lot of people have a predisposition about the instrument. Sometimes you have to try to win people over.”

Stiernberg has dedicated his career to that proposition, and he’ll be proving the naysayers wrong once again ” .. at the Brink Lounge with old buddies Harmonious Wail


here is the link for the entire Chicago Tribune article by Howard Reich

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Date(s) - Nov 26
8:00 pm

The Brink Lounge