Harmonious Wail is pleased and proud to be working for the election of Andy Mitchell for the assembly – running against Robin Vos


Fund Raiser at the Harmony Bar May 1


When:  Sunday, May 1, 3 -6 pm
Where:  Harmony Bar
Who:  Andy Mitchell for Assembly
Why:  Andy Mitchell is running against Robin Vos in the 63rd Assembly District (SE Wisconsin).  This race, though, is of statewide importance given Vos’ role as Assembly Speaker.  Vos has put special interests over the interests of the people of his district and the people of Wisconsin.  Vos has pushed through legislation such as Act 10, Voter ID, Right to Work (for less), elimination of the requirement to pay a living wage, elimination of prevailing wage requirements for government construction projects, gutting of the state civil service system, weakening the Dept. of Natural Resources, and a host of bills touted as granting “property rights” when what they really do is allow wealthy landowners and developers to do whatever they want with their land without regard to the environmental impact of their actions.

We need to support Andy Mitchell in his fight to oust Vos because when Andy wins it will send an extremely loud and very clear message that we’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.

To learn more about Andy and how to help the cause, check out his website:  Also, please “Like” and “Share” Andy’s Facebook page:

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Date(s) - May 1
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Harmony Bar and Grill